Register with Transparent Value Advisors to gain access to the advisor tools which consists of a database of Required Business Performance® (RBP®) information for the following:

  1. RBP® Stock Ratings (stocks ranked by RBP probability)
  2. RBP® Market Indicators (major market indexes ranked by weighted average probability)*
  3. RBP® Fund Ratings (open-end mutual funds, exchange traded funds, closed- end funds ranked by weighted average RBP probability)*
  4. RBP® Research (in-depth analysis of RBP)

The database is known as the RBP® Analysis Platform (RAP), which is managed by a team of trained financial professionals. The RAP system is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week through the Transparent Value Advisors website.**

We continually calculate RBP® component values and RBP® probabilities for new companies in published index data sets and add them to our database.

Please note the Transparent Value Advisors database of stocks is organized using the Dow Jones and FTSE Industry Classification Benchmark (ICB) system. The stocks are then ranked by their RBP® Probabilities.

  • RBP® Analysis Platform (RAP)
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RBP® Stock Ratings
View the RBP probability and RBP components for thousands of stocks. The RBP probability is calculated on a daily basis and updated quarterly to reflect new financial information.
RBP® Market Indicators
View the major market indicators weighted by RBP probability. The indicators provide insight as to how the market is valued from a fundamental perspective.
RBP® Fund Ratings
View the weighted average probability for thousands of Open-End Funds, Closed-End Funds, Exchange Traded Funds and Variable Annuity Funds. Drill down into the underlying components to see the RBP probability for each stock within the portfolio***.
RBP® Research
Read monthly RBP Market Reports and in depth RBP analysis reports for particular stocks. Access educational posts about RBP and the RBP process.

* The calculation is not based upon an RBP weighting but rather a weighted average RBP® probability of the products’ underlying stocks. This is calculated by assigning an RBP® probability to each of the products underlying stocks and calculating the weighted average probability based upon how the investment products stocks are weighted within the original product portfolio.

**The Transparent Value RBP Analysis Platform (RAP) is for Investment Professional and Registered Investment Advisor (“RIA”) use only.

***Transparent Value Advisors collects holdings information for thousands of Open-End Funds, Closed-End Funds, Exchange Traded Funds and Variable Annuity Funds. RBP probabilities are assigned to the underlying holdings and a weighted average RBP probability is calculated on specific dates.